Services Price List

Services Price List

Special Orders

STL file, one picture, no history.  (printable file suitable for manufacturing.)

  • Pre-Made stl file $25 + $15 for changes in stone size or ring size


  • Simple CAD design stl file. $35
  • Medium Complexity. $45
  • Complex Design digital sculpting. $75
*Add history to each file for $75 (Files with history may or maynot translate well from software to software. STP, 3DM, etc.)
note: major changes to these files can cause errors, deformations, or broken files. These files are not parametric but they can be un-boolean and adjusted  re-boolean and converted to stl format.

Parametric designs.

  • Simple Parametric: design for commercial use$80
  • Medium Complexity: $190
  • Complex Parametric Designs: $450
*Parametric Design involves a lot of programing. This means you can change one side stone in a ring from .04 to .10 and the entire design will recalculate the history without crashing or producing undesired errors, deformations, or broken files. You can adjust thicknesses, stone sizes, shapes, and edit virtually any aspect of the part without un-boolean or fishing through the history of the part looking for the item to edit. The part is fully responsive to changes as they are pre programed to automatically adjust.
Example, a bezel set eternity ring can go from a size 3 to a 13 and the file is programed to either reduce or add additional stones. Bezel style switch’s in one click, stone shape in one click. Parametric designs can also be used on your website giving the customer the ability to edit and order on line.
Note: All parametric designs are not created equally, for instance if you purchase a “Simple Parametric Design” you can change the ring size from a 10 to a 4 and the amount of stones will decrease automatically and resize minimally to maintain a 3/4 margin down the shoulder of the design. You will be able to change the center stone size as well.  A complex design would be a halo, in this case the entire halo stone size can change with a much wider margin because the thickness of the setting have been programed to change with the stone size. For example in a simple parametric design the vertical margins are programed from 1) .01 to 20) .01 diamonds. So if you changed the size of the ring the vertical margin changes with it. This includes the number of prongs, or the length of the channel. In a “Complex Parametric Design” the size of the stone can change from .01 to .25 and the number of stones will change. The band is parametrically programmed to change horizontally and vertically, enabling ring size and stone weight to change simultaneously error free.