A-List Jewelry Design

Complex CAD design completed in 8 – 24 hours. With a magazine, quality renders for your customer’s approval.

Custom Jewelry Design Simple Parametric Design

Over 2000 Designs

Choose a pre-made CAD file. Each file comes with high-end renders for your customer's approval.

Custom Jewelry Design

Casting & Finishing

CAD design manufactured from start to finish in 12 to 15 business days.

Custom Jewelry Design

Upload a Sketch

Upload a sketch or photo and show your customer a live model in 72 hours.


Simply sign up for an account. Submit a design or a sketch. Once you have submitted your design the clock starts ticking. A CAD design will be made within 8 to 24 hours. You will receive an email with a photo render for your customer’s approval.

Once the design is approved we grow a model using one of three machines, Solidscape, Envisiontec, or Formlabs, depending on the nature of the model. Once the model is grown we make a mold using investment powder. The mold is burned out, and the casting process begins. That model is used an A-List designer will be assigned to your account. In addition, a bench jeweler will also be assigned to your account. This allows for consistency and accountability throughout the design and manufacturing process. 

Diamond Prices

While A-List Jewelry Design can use your diamonds to manufacture your design. You can also choose the accent Diamonds of your choice from our inventory of loose diamonds. All of our diamonds are listed in mm sizes and all diamonds are newly cut triple excellent goods. Our pricing ranges from 350 – $1200 per carat simply select the price range during the design upload process. You will receive the estimated total weight and pricing based on mm size. Our Color and Clarities range from D-Flawless to I-I1 with white inclusions. Because A-List Jewelry Design sorts and buys their goods in the market via offers system, they are able to offer extremely competitive pricing.

E-VS 1.5mm

1.5 to 1.9mm
$ 650 Per Carat
  • Push Prong Setting Fee $1.25 per stone
  • Fishtail Setting Fee $3.00 per stone
  • Flush Setting Fee $3.00 per stone
  • Pave Setting Fee $7.00 per stone

CAD Design

A-List Jewelry prices designs on the level of complexity. While most of your special orders will range from 35 to $175 we Also offer competitive hourly rates for digital sculpting.


A-List Jewelry Design can also send you a 3D printed acrylic model. These models are high in detail and withstand a lot of abuse compared to shipping the actual model that is grown for casting. The custom will be able to try on the model before the final product is manufactured. Being able to show the model before it is complete will aid in closing any sale. And it heightens the customers experience during the purchase and planning of the design.